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Inheritances are one of the most common sales reasons in the real estate sector. When a house is inherited, in many occasions it is preferred to put it up for sale for different reasons, such as having a habitual residence or Those who find themselves in this situation and want to avoid taking care of the expenses associated with the maintenance of the house, seek to sell their inherited house quickly and without

Sell it with Tiko
We take care of the inheritance acceptance procedures for free
We prepare all the purchase and sale paperwork
You get a free, no-obligation offer withwithin 24 hours
You sell without having to receive visits

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Advantages of selling your inherited house with Tiko


We take care of all the formalities of your inherited house

There are several previous steps that you must take before you can put the inherited house up for sale. At Tiko we can help you with them:


We buy houses with several heirs

In the event that the house has been inherited by several people, they must all be registered as owners in the Registry. In addition, all the holders must also attend the signing of the sale at the notary's office.

At Tiko we buy houses inherited by both one and several people. If you have any questions about the necessary procedures to sell your inherited house, we will give you some advice free of charge and we will also take care of all the paperwork of the sale.

To give you more facilities, the payment can be divided according to the percentage that corresponds to each heir in differentiated checks, or by making an instant transfer (OMF) to each holder. With this last option you can avoid going to the bank and pay commissions for the deposit of the check.


We buy houses without reform

There's no need to worry about the condition of the house, at Tiko we buy both renovated and unreformed houses.There is no problem for us if your house needs a comprehensive reform you will not have to invest time or money in it.

In fact, by selling with Tiko you not only not only get free from reforming your house, but also the expenses associated with the inherited house that you could have to pay for months, such as supplies. With us you can sell your house in a very short time and, in addition, you will receive the full amount in the moment of signing. Selling your inherited house with Tiko saves expenses, time and efforts. Request your offer here: